Tax Preparation, Logistics, and Business Services
Tax Preparation, Logistics service, and Accounting Services
Tax services
Tax Preparation Logistics & Accounting Services for companies and individuals
Tax Preparation Logistics & Accounting Services for companies and individuals

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Tax Services

  • Business Tax Preparation Services
  • Individual Tax Preparation Services
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  • For Companies
  • For Owner-Operators & Company Drivers
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General Business Services

  • One on One Client Experience
  • Bookkeeping Services
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Hi , i am Michelle Bryant

I have over 23 years of experience in the Tax and Accounting fields. I started preparing taxes at the age of 15 when I completed my first 1040EZ form after working a summer job.  Since then I have worked for major corporations preparing taxes for over 100’s of clients in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Virginia, and New York.  I also started attending Entrepreneurial Courses for 13 years to continue to better myself and continue to grow as an Entrepreneurial.  In addition to working in the tax business, I also worked in the Logistics Industry for over 20 years.  I first started with my father when he was an agent for a major trucking company at the age of 18.  I moved on to a bigger company dispatching, processing payroll. driver deductions, dealing with permits, assist with DOT audits, customer service, per diem, etc.  I started as a Billing and Payroll Supervisor, I moved to an Owner Operator Driver Supervisor, and to a Senior Accounting Coordinator for a multi-million dollars Intermodal Company.  While working as a Senior Accounting Coordinator, I drove 12 hours a week to finish my degree program and I obtained a B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology from Savannah State University in 2016.  I believe in working hard, being honest, and trustworthy with all my clients.

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